As a long time administrative, business, but tourist center as well, Belgrade is the most frequently visited tourist location of Serbia and Montenegro.

A city of two million inhabitants, situated on the estuary of two rivers, makes an attractive tourist destination with its unique position.Significant business and cultural venues located in the heart of the city the city will enrich your image of the city, which will remain in your memory forever.

The advantage of staying at our hotel is its closeness to all interesting sights that can be visited in a very short period of time, as they are only five minutes walk from the hotel. The Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro, the Parliament of Serbia, the Municipal Assembly, the Chamber of Commerce are only five to ten minutes walk away from the «Union» hotel.


The cultural heritage of the city is reflected in over 50 Belgrade museums. The oldest and richest is the NATIONAL MUSEUM with valuable contents and world known collections. Knez Milos played a significant role in institutionalizing museum pieces as he asked dignitaries to explore and document historical monuments throughout Serbia, which were presented in the first Serbian museum collections. At first, collections were kept in safes, and later on, in 1863, the museum exhibition was moved to the Kapetan Misha’s Building.


Near the museum is the NATIONAL THEATRE, the oldest and largest in Belgrade, encompassing the Drama, Opera and Ballet. It holds both cultural and architectural value enriching the scenery of the very heart of the city around the REPUBLIC SQUARE. It underwent reconstruction from 1986 until 1989, when finally it took the magnificent form it now holds.

The cultural and historical landmarks of the city also include the KNEZ MIHAJLOVA STREET with a number of representative buildings and houses built in the late seventies of the 19th century. Today it makes part of the most modern commercial center of the city and the pedestrian zone linking the Republic Square with the Kalemegdan Fortress.


The biggest and the most valuable tourist attraction of the city is the Belgrade fortress - KALEMEGDAN, built on a hill overlooking the estuary of the Sava and the Danube rivers. It was built in the period from the I-XVIII century, as a complex of defense buildings, and today it represents a unique open-air museum of the city history. The Cathedral Church is also near.

The CATHEDRAL CHURCH was built on an old building dating back to the 16th century, the St. Archangel Michael church. It was burnt down and devastated during the wars and the basis of the old church was destroyed in 1836. In July 1837 the construction of the church, as it is today, started based on the design of maestro Friedrich Adam Klerfeld.

The specific ambiance of the old part of Belgrade can best be felt in SKADARLIJA, a stone-paved street with old restaurants dating back to the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century that were the central venues of Belgrade artist and bohemians. The spirit of those times can still be felt in this old distinctive tourist street.


Parliament buildings buildings make a representational landmark of all cities. The view from the hotel to the FEDERAL AND REPUBLIC PARLIAMENT leaves a memorable impression. These buildings complete the architectural picture of the entity of the centre of the old city representing Belgrade in a very noble and illustrious way.

Within the hotel building is the MUSEUM OF YUGOSLAV CINEMATHEQUE established in 1952 featuring classical works of domestic and foreign cinematography. It consists of the Archive of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, the Museum of the Yugoslav Cinematheque-Cinema, the Library and general affairs departments.

Belgrade with its beauty that not many cities in the world possess leaves such an impression on its visitors that they wish to visit it again....

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